Water Pole Fed Window Cleaning...

Pole Fed Cleaning

Water fed pole window cleaning uses the latest technology in pure water cleaning which has revolutionised the industry over recent years. Pole fed window cleaning with de-ionised water has reduced the need for traditional methods, which are usually performed from a ladder, resulting in an effective and much safer delivery of the service without leaving the ground.

Pure, Filtered Water

At ABC we use the latest technology to provide us with pure, filtered water to achieve perfect results. The soft bristle brush removes dirt particles and smears on the glass and frames, whilst the pure water rinses all the dirt away. The pure water can be left to dry naturally without leaving water stains.

Our pole fed cleaning uses 100% pure filtered water, which is contained in the vehicles and removes the need to use customer’s water. This method of cleaning removed the need for chemicals and is the most environmentally friendly way to clean.